RZV Krita BrushKit
Sun 11 June 2017 2D brush Krita paint , 0 comments


I found that Krita lacks sharper brushes so I decided to give it a shot at creating some custom presets for myself. But soon after I started experimenting with more settings in the Krita brush engines (like hue, value, saturation, velocity etc.) and then ideas started to pop into my head. So in the end this BrushKit expanded to 6 brushes which are useful in specific scenarios especially.

If you end up using the brushes please consider commenting your painting in the comments section, I’m really interested to see what you come up with and the ways they’ve been used

brush kit description

First thing to note, as I’m not an artist, I created these images in a day specifically for the presentation of this BrushKit and so I can’t show as much material as other established artists, but if this gains popularity I’ll be …