RZV Krita BrushKit
Sun 11 June 2017 2D brush Krita paint , 0 comments
Thu 09 November 2017

At the beginning there was Krita and all was good. But soon, after experimentation and exploration there were Krita default brush presets. And with these brush presets it was not all good. It was not good because although Krita has amazing variety in the default presets, they all or 99% of them lacked sharpness. And that is not great. Sharp brushes are what we need in our lives to make digital paintings look great!


So I began a journey to develop a brush preset that would help with this. At first there were a mere 6 brushes in total, but with time and experimentation and curiosity… well I pushed the brush presets to an astonishing number, at least for me, because I never would have guessed I’d have so much fun creating them and building a complete set that would satisfy us all. Or… close to it, after all …