RZV Krita BrushKit
for Krita

This BrushKit for Krita raised from the lack of sharper edged brushes. But while I was creating a couple of brushes for my needs I started experimenting with settings like velocity, hue, value variation, etc. This in turn led to the creation of very interesting "experimental" brushes or brushes which can be used for effects, such as explosions, smoke, cosmic clouds, etc. At the moment the BrushKit contains only 6 brushes, but if I get feedback and if it's something that people find it interesting I'll expand on it, making it better and even more crazier. Please have a look inside if this is something that might interest you!

Simple Cutout Importer

A simple Blender add-on that Import Images as Planes but it does so through a JSON file that describes where to place the images (in the `XY` plane). It also sets defaults for Import Images as Planes with a cutout character in mind.