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I found that Krita lacks sharper brushes so I decided to give it a shot at creating some custom presets for myself. But soon after I started experimenting with more settings in the Krita brush engines (like hue, value, saturation, velocity etc.) and then ideas started to pop into my head. So in the end this BrushKit expanded to a number of brushes which include digital look, natural, textured brushes, brushes for environment design and more!

If you end up using the brushes please consider commenting your painting in the comments section, I’m really interested to see what you come up with and the ways they’ve been used


First thing to note is that I’m not an artist and as such the pictures presented here cannot reflect entirely the usefulness of this BrushKit. I encourage you to download it and give it a shot and see what you can do with it for yourself. And remember to have fun with it! :)


The BrushKit is divided into 5 categories: A - digital, B - textured, C - traditional, D - environment, E - extra, F - stamps. At this point I should probably apologize for the uninspired names for them, but I hope that the icons will help out more.

Category-A (Digital)

  • Basic: a basic 4px brush with soft enough edges, but not completely soft (as an airbrush) for building the line/sketch foundation & the detailed pass
  • Basic Square: a medium-large blocky square brush with a sharp opacity curve
  • Ink Chaos: more for exploring fast concept sketches with 100% opacity
  • Ink ChaosTransparent: same as before but has an opacity curve
  • Scratch Pad: inspired from Corel Painter tool with the same name
  • Oil BrushRectangle: an oil brush with a very digital feel to it for blocking in shapes mainly
  • Oil BrushDigital: a very “oily” brush with a brush tip much like a traditional brush, but it still feel very much digital
  • Sculpt1: smudge brush based on pressure. With little pressure it smudges the painting, with more pressure it paints.
  • Sculpt2: another attempt at a “sculpt” brush with a completely different approach. It has a limited amount of color. While pressing harder it starts with color and looses it with distance from initial brush stroke, after which it becomes completely smudge brush with no color. Have to experiment to get a feel for it, it’s difficult to explain in words


Category-B (Textured)

These are all heavily textured brushes for general purpose or fast sketching. I will only detail a couple of them which I think should get a proper description because of the way they are built:

  • Smooth Texture: this brush has a granular texture to it especially useful for skin rendering. The brush tip is very sharp on the left side and soft on the right side, very useful for blending and making sharp/soft transitions. It’s especially useful as an eraser
  • Noisy Texture
  • Dirty Texture1
  • Dirty Texture2
  • Dirty Texture3
  • Hard Texture1
  • Hard Texture2: HT1 & 2 are more general, useful for fast sketching & blending
  • Hard Subtle
  • Bristle Texture1
  • Bristle Texture2
  • Quick Sketch1
  • Quick Sketch2: QS1 & 2 are meant for blocky environment design


Category-C (Traditional)

These are my attempts at creating more realistic (traditional) presets. I encourage you to play with them and see if they have a natural feel. Any feedback is more than welcome!

  • Flexible Charcoal
  • Chalk
  • Chalk (Flat)
  • Felt Tip
  • Copic Marker
  • Dry Brush
  • Dry Rake
  • Oil Brush


Category-D (Environment)

Brushes useful for environment, from clouds, fog, fake water caustics, grass, trees, bushes to rocks and concrete and anything in between. These presets don’t really have names as the others because the icons should be more than clear about their usage.


Category-E (Extra)

Just as before, these don’t have names on the icons since they are vastly different and experimental. These include presets for hair, presets with hue variation, presets with angle variations (eg. the Repetitive Structures brush), brushes for clothes etc.


Category-F (Stamps)

These are just some extra brushes that I found useful to be used mostly as stamp brushes (the brush tip has a large spacing).



  • 2017.08.14: v1.00 - complete overhaul with too many changes to be noted in the change log. Easiest is to just go over the description above and especially experiment a lot with the presets. I can finally call it “version 1.00”
  • 2017.07.18: v0.04 included 9 more presets and rearranged the categories a bit. New additions are of more traditional type (the A series), but as well as more textured brushes (B category) & digital impasto feel (C category). Moved Variable Roundish & Variable Squares to the (D series) alongside the Smoke & Repetitive Structure brushes. Repetitive Structure has been updated for better quality and more sharpness as well. This means that it has different brush tip as well, but it should be a lot more useful overall

download & install

This BrushKit can be downloaded from here: RZV-Krita-BrushKit.

To install, unzip the archive, then just go to Settings > Manage Resources in Krita and choose Import Bundles. Remember to restart Krita after importing. That’s all, enjoy!

Source: you can find the source of the bundle on the gitlab server: RZV-Krita-BrushKit SOURCE should you want to look at it yourself.


The RZV Krita BrushKit is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 to “Răzvan C. Rădulescu, https://razvanc-r.gitlab.io”.

You are free to use the RZV Krita BrushKit for yourself and for commercial purposes, but in case of redistribution, commercialization or modifying the brush kit the attribution is necessary.

The attribution is not necessary if you use it or if you take screenshots/screencasts with it visible.